If only he would commit…

16 Dec

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” ―Peter F. Drucker

I feel like someone slaps me in the face when I read about this. Ever since more friends and families are asking about when I will be married, I have been thinking about relationship and commitment A LOT. I can assure you it’s not because I feel intimidated with the question, but you know, this thing is kind of intriguing.  Deep down, I know I am yearning for a committed relationship and looking forward to the bright future, but I feel like I’m losing my faith here. It just happened over and over again. I find myself attracting the wrong type of guy over and my relationship compass is might be off and in need of a calibration.

He may still love you. He probably doesn’t know what he wants. He probably still thinks about you all the time. BUT what matters is WHAT HE’S DOING ABOUT IT.

Another slap on my face.

How many times you’ve found yourself yet again in a relationship with an incredible guy that has all the wonderful potential only you can see, if only he would commit? Oh yes, I can tell. We keep repeating this pattern over and over again. It’s sucks facing a dilemma with no clear answers; and waiting around to see if he is going to commit to us and the relationship. We so want to believe that he will be different from the rest, but unfortunately he will not be in the near future.

I can understand how frustrating to be in the state whether to cut him loose or to keep this relationship. Often times, we do what we always do. We holding onto hope and trying to see as many positive signs as we can. The thought of losing him keeps us staying. The thought of him committing to someone else if we decide we’ve had enough, keeps us putting our own needs on hold. We’re afraid this might be our one and only shot at the real thing. I can understand the frustration, trust me, been there.

During the frustration state, it’s difficult to imagine the idea of letting him go. I’d love the idea to just easily let go and move on, but you know it just doesn’t go that way. Then I start to think, if I might be too pushy, too demanding, too impatient, too insecure, too anxious, too needy. I can’t imagine that I’m me who is caring, loving, understanding – will do such cruel thing to hurt someone I love. But then again, I come to my common sense that this isn’t about me since the very first; it’s his issue, not mine. Why am I beating myself like this?

It takes some times for me to come to an understanding that I’d like to share with you:

1. It takes two to tango. Means when it comes to a commitment, both parties have to be on the same page and willing to do the work TOGETHER.

2. This commitment issue has nothing to do with age. I have been told about men in their twenties are mostly afraid of having a committed relationship. But hey, I have MANY guy friends who are married in their early (or) mid twenties, it turned out they love marriage life and they become awesome husbands and dads. So no, there is no particular age about commitment issue.

3. You CANNOT change a guy who won’t commit, not just by loving him more or caring him more. His inability to commit to you really doesn’t have anything to do with you

4.  If he’s going to come around, it will be when he’s ready, not on your timetable.

So, having read those 4 points above, please do yourself (and him) a favor: let him deal with his issue, walk away and commit to loving and respecting and caring for yourself more than he ever could. Make yourself available for the kind of relationship that you truly want, truly deserve, with a man who is ready and wants a committed relationship in the same way you do.

Going against your nature would be uncomfortable and painful. However, analyzing it and second-guessing it and trying to figure out why so you can fix it, isn’t going to make a difference too. The two of you would be perfect for each other – if a committed relationship is what he was looking for.  But he’s not.  And we are. He’s not a bad guy – he just doesn’t have a heart to tell you that he’s not ready. Practically, it’s just not a match. We deserve a real relationship with someone who wants to be with us, who wants the same things we want and who has a picture of us in his future.

What if he comes around and it might be too late?

The only assurance you have is that you will be the first to know if he decides he’s ready to commit to you. He knows how to get in touch with you. That’s how it works.  It’s just not now.  Not with him.  And you know it.

If it’s fated, you will find each other once again.

Live your life, beautiful.



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