Love, not an ordinary feeling

26 Sep


Often times we are just too afraid to admit that the person who dearly loves us, turned out doesn’t love us enough to take a leap.

What I do realize is we dont need our love story to be that romantic like Sleeping Beauty fairy tale before sleep time, that make us dream about our prince charming riding a white horse. Enough with dreaming because at some point we gotta wake up and poof… It’s just a dream.

I often thought that maybe loving each other is not the point anymore. You can love a person for a thousand year yet nothing you would do to make the person FEEL the love for real. That’s bullshit. I take a bow for Romeo for taking a huge leap to show Juliet how much he really loved her. Not that I’m suggesting you to die hand in hand with the person you love.

Loving a person is not just a thing you feel and enjoy for yourself. Yes, it’s a pleasure, having butterflies inside, the excitement, especially if the person you love, loves you back. But then what? That’s it? Of course not. It will take the time of your life to LET him/her always FEEL your love. It’s an active not a passive.

For me, when I love a person, I will try to get him understand my love language and feel my love for him. What I believe is that love can fade, if you dont work it out everytime. Feeling is just unreliable. Love isn’t just a feeling.

Love is a gift.
Take care of it, protect it, nourish it and cherish it.

So when you really love someone, think again, what have you done to make him/her FEEL and understand your love.

Love is an extraordinary thing, find a way to treat it with superextraordinary treatment.



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