When life throws lemons

16 Jun

Oftentimes shit happens.

Oftentimes unhappy occasions turned our mood upside down, and face the fact that world won’t stop spinning just to hear our mourns.

Under some circumstances, I woke up today with a terrible terrible mood. I feel like a huge heave stone in me, and it stirred up my emotion. This is not good to face a bunch of works in my office desk. I can only say : I’m not happy with this situation and what I’m feeling right now. But then, the next question is : what are you going to do with it?

Chill out. I said it over and over again to myself. Staying stuck is a choice, and hell no, I don’t want to stuck in this terrible situation and emotional stirred up. I remember an advice “sometimes you’ve just got to take people and situations for what they are, appreciate them, and not try to label them or change them”

Even in uncertain times, it’s always important to keep things in perspective. As I’m trying to attract positive thoughts to attract the positive outcomes, here a summary of attempt to make a shitty day seemed a little bit brighter :

1. Start being honest with yourself about everything.

Be honest with what you feel. Accept that you can be hurt and people can do you wrong. Sometimes you have to deal with issues and show others your uncomfortable side.  It’s perfectly okay – it’s a natural part of being human

2. Deal with the problems and stop wasting your time on the wrong people.

When things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for all the other things that are still going right. Sometimes you just need to let it be and not trying to control the problems or anyone. You have done the best you can with what you have, then it’s enough. You can never be able to please everyone, and you don’t need to. Realize that life balances itself between the ideal and the disappointing.  And the disappointments are just life’s way of saying, “I’ve got something better for you right around the corner.”

3. Ignore, Push forward even if it hurts.

Being hurt is something you sometimes can’t avoid, but being continuously miserable is always a choice. Let go of needless worries. More and more scenarios will flash on your mind, and the more of it coming your way, the more upset you are. However, I used to think that being upset is waaaaay much better than being sad. 😛 At least you still have that little counter attack power to push yourself a bit more when you’re upset. Utilize that last power to switch your mindset to boost yourself up. When unhappy situations arise, as they will, you must break through them because you know it’s the only option. Whatever life throws at you, even if it hurts, be strong and fight through it.  Remember, strong walls shake but never collapse.

4. Happiness is your liability.

Too often we are sabotaging ourselves. We care for those around us but often we don’t look out for ourselves, we don’t value ourselves. Being happy is your right, but it’s not others’ responsibility to make you happy, . I’ve come to a conclusion that no one is care enough for your happiness, but myself. You only live once, so start making your own happiness a priority, while simultaneously caring for those around you, since you are the only person who is capable to help yourself in your most difficult times

5. You have the ability to heal yourself. 

Remember, troubles from the past cannot define you, destroy you, or defeat you all by themselves.  It’s important after you’ve been hurt to take some time to think about your pain, and address it calmly and consciously, so you can thwart the possibility of more pain brewing from your own negativity.




In a nutshell, we all are human beings. Sometimes we can be mad, naive or even dumb. Just flow with this rollercoaster and enjoy the ride, buddy. It’s not that bad after all 🙂




2 Responses to “When life throws lemons”

  1. Nathan Hemlock June 16, 2013 at 9:47 pm #

    Reblogged this on It's Hemlock Time and commented:
    Awesome words! I love this.

    • Vanessa June 17, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

      Thank you Nathan 🙂 I hope it’s inspiring. Cheers 🙂

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