Thank You

26 Nov

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth.” ~Dan Rather

No, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving day in Indonesia today, but we celebrate teacher’s day. I had never been care enough about teachers’ dedication before, until I finally capable to stand with my own feet and completely understand EVERY single thing my teachers used to say–about reality, attitude and most importantly…life. So, at this very moment, I am giving my deepest thanks to all my former teachers.

I thank you for setting such a high target on my academic record without my approval,
and grounded me when I scored below the targets.
Thank you for teaching me to give my very best, breaking through my limit.

I thank you for accepting me in the mechatronic class, although I was the only girl there
and taught me to create those LED circuits, adapters, etc
Thank you for seeing my quality beyond my gender.

I thank you for excitedly telling me the stories about Mayan, Aztec, World War;
and assigned me to draw the Pithecanthropus guy.
Thank you for keeping me remembered ‘There is no present without history’

I thank you for persuading me to get into Journalistic Club,
and kept me there with the deadly deadlines
Thank you for revealing my talent in literature, so I can write like I am doing now

Thank you for patiently teaching Bahasa Indonesia,
although I was always ended up with Uno cards or fall asleep
Thank you for not letting me forget the importance of my native language, so i can teach Bahasa to my foreigner friends.

I thank you for keeping me busy with all the presentation projects,
and stuffing my memory with mitochondria, fungi , DNA/RNA, etc
Thank you for letting me to get used with presentation and public speaking.

I thank you for explaining the algebra, probability, and limit over and over again,
and for being such a father in school although I was so stubborn back then.
Thank you for sharing your advice about lifebites and lovehurts (and guys also).

I thank you for forcing me to memorize the chemistry periodic table,
and proving that chemistry isn’t horrible (tho it’s still horrible with engineering combined in it)
Thank you for ‘trapping’ me to fall in love with Chemistry, so I am now officially a Chemical Engineer

I thank you for shedding my tears when I failed my comprehensive exam,
and insisted me to get up once again
Thank you for always telling me that I am a strong girl and I can never give up.

I thank you for every wise advice beyond your funny jokes,
and for being such a great mentor during the transition of my unstable teenager phase.
Thank you for always remind me, the 3B inside of me — Brain, Beauty, Behavior .

After all…
I thank you all, teachers,
for the patience, caring, support
Your encouragement and sharing.
I found Guidance, Friendship, Discipline and Love
in you, teachers.

Thank you for being teachers, so I can be who I am now 🙂

All the gratitude goes to you, my dearest teachers. Happy teacher’s day!

p.s :
This post is dedicated to Ms.Chendra, Mr. Heri, Mr. Parlin, Mr. Alex, Mr. Darto, Mr. Matulessy, Mr. Jack, Mr. Gromer, Mrs. Ima, Mr. Widodo.




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