Please, tell her …

16 Mar

At times, she’s thinking of surviving
At days, she’s fussing of everything
At nights, she’s mourning of dreaming

Back behind, she feels an overbearing change
A distraction that riddles with her
The confusion evaporates her every piece away
Taking her down to a dusty corner of mind

Beneath all the rush,
she screams out her voiceless mourns to the moonlit sky
she spit out her silent prayer to the starry stars

“I can’t find any tingling word in my brain now,” she said.
“I can’t sing any cheery melody in my mind now,” she murmured.
“I can’t touch any sparkling sound in my writing now,” she wept.
“I can’t see any me in me now…,” she cried.

The farther step she takes, will it take her closer?
The clearer view she glances, will it help her see better?
The doing-my-best-and-trying-my-hardest, will it make her feel truer?

How will she know?

The girl is losing her light
Please tell her to shine again…
The girl is losing her song
Please tell her to sing again
The girl is losing herself

Please tell her …
Tell her to find HER again



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