13 Dec

“Extraordinary things only happen to extraordinary people” – Reepicheep


Recently, I lost count on saying ‘unexpectedly’ word. A lot of things happened. Things that I don’t and can’t understand. Those really got me into a shock therapy every now and then, I ran out of time to reload my self-immune, and it’s just sucks to find me in a vulnerable mode. I can’t tell if I could call it a coincidence or an accident. Although I’m always good with multitasking, dealing with dead stuff and human feelings are the most difficult task to multi-task.

I spend most of my waking hours confronting my weak human-side and destroying things that I fear. A great numb feeling is all over me, when I’m pretending that I’m okay and tell myself that I’m strong enough to stand up once again.

No, I don’t need a pity-party. I hate crying. I hate being so fragile and weak..
Right now, I’m hating ambiguous talks, I’m hating unpredictable situations, I’m hating inconsistency. I’m hating those people who think that they’re the only one who know the best.

I’m not tense… just terribly terribly alert.

Just another ramblings in between my other tasks, it’s 2:24 am now, lol. Time to get back to work before the sun rise 😛 and 7 hours before meeting my supervisor and comps prep. Touche.

Isn’t that extraordinary?

Rose is in red,
but never in blue,
Sharp as a thorn,
fights like one too



One Response to “‘Unexpectedly’”

  1. meitha soekotjo December 14, 2010 at 11:21 am #

    Rose usually in red
    But mine might be in blue
    No need to be as sharp as thorn
    As fight could be not alone

    Have a beautiful day, Vanessa Gracia..
    being weak is what i’m because i’m real.

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