Anti-social state, Delivery Food (part 3)

5 Dec

Dear readers,

Dec 4 2010
Subject : Physical Chemistry
Member : Ness, Ernest, Rere. (Evy can’t joined us until Monday)

To put it frankly, today was kind of messy a little bit XP .But oh well, spending more than 6 hours a day with these guys, makes me used to their habits and weirdness. And clearly, they really enjoy teasing me when I am not in ‘varminator’ state.

(Varminator = Vanessa – terminator, given by Rere. They said that somehow I have the intimidating look and eyes, as if I’m going to torture them like Dr.Jigsaw. Lol. Thanks for the nickname, guys!)

It all started with my text to them, early in the morning…

Ness: Guys, we’ll start at 11, cya
Rere: 10-4
Ness: no, we’ll start at 11

After a few hours, I signed my msn on, and drop a message to Rere.
Ness: Re, we’ll start at 11, not 10, bcs Ernest has to collect his study materials
Rere : Oh I replied with 10-4, but you replied me again with 11 ! I thought you’re sleep texting
Ness : what the hell is that
Rere : oh, it’s like a Roger, it means yes
Ness : argh! super creative, dude… how am I supposed to know your Morse code!
Rere : oh! It’s not a Morse code. Morse code for Roger/Yes  R or C 😛
Ness : argghh!! Google mode on
Rere : next time, if I replied ‘R’, don’t be confused 😛

LOL. That’s freaking insane! Well, that was how my day began. You’ll get used by how we communicate and how we’re getting nuts each passing day. 😛

Okay, lets roll into today’s madness : Delivery Food

In the middle of our discussion about langmuir…

Ness : Guys, it’s lunch time, do you want to order something to eat?
Rere : um, Nest, don’t worry… Amareto and Peak’s tea are closed today..
Ernest : UGH! I will never get anything from Peak’s tea! Remember my last fried rice, it’s like a salty-fish fried rice without the salty-fish!
Rere : okay okay, easy (he took out his phone), um… so, our choices are just McD, Hoka-hoka bento,…
Ernest : hoka-hoka bento?? But it rains hard outside, the delivery guy will suffered to get us the food!
Rere : huh? Hold on, why do you think that McD’s delivery guy will not suffered from the rain?
Ernest : okay, here is the thing, hoka-hoka bento’s delivery guy is more…..
Ness : oh god!!! Come on…..!! I just want to eat, please stop arguing over a delivery guy…. (then I left to my room while they’re continuing about which delivery guy is the poorer)

After a few minutes, I came back…
Ness : so, who’s the winner? Hoka-hoka bento’s delivery guy or McD’s?
Ernest : I don’t want to eat McD ever again! (rere is grinning with triumph)
Ness : oh god… okay, then what are we going to order?
Ness : guys!! Come on!! (My voice pitch raised)
Ernest : um, I’m actually thinking of Kantin Heri…
Rere : WHAT???? HELL NO! I can explain 3 reasons why I don’t want to order any food from them. First, the food tastes ordinary or less ordinary. Second, the quantity is irrational regarding to the price. Third, the delivery cost is exponential.
Ernest and Ness : WHATT THE..?? EXPONENTIAL?! (Shocked >.<)
Ernest : do they really write ‘exponential delivery cost’ on their food menu list?
Rere : ohh, it’s not like that. They have a specific cost based on distance-range. So, if we plot it in a graph, it’s an exponential… (Explaining his method with innocent face)
Ness : GUYSSS!!!!!!!!! (I start to lose my patience) I have to take my meds and I have to get something to eat before! my stomach is killing me now, I haven’t eaten anything yet since morning and both of you are all to blame if I passed out!!

Thank god, lunch menu was finally decided. Around 45 minutes later, the bell rang; Ernest and I took it. Just right before I close the door…

Ernest : Ness, look at the stone stairs (pointing to a stone stairs that lead to the front door). Cool! It’s like a waterfall! This house is really impressive, the yard looks like a pond now… that’s strange because the gutter is fine!
Ness : well yeah, The surface is not flat while it has to have a little slope to the gutter so the water will flow to the lower surface with gravitation force, and the architect should have known that a matter of function is more important. Re, come here!
Rere : (touching his jaw and wondering) wow! Hmmm, if we want to make a laminar flow of that water, then the minimal velocity of…
Ness : Oh man… (close the door) okay okay, enough, let’s get back

While we’re walking back to our study room…
Ernest : Re, take a look at the stony space in front of Nessa’s room (showing Rere, the stony garden in front of my room) It’s like a dam, I think the water could finally flows into Nessa’s room.
Ness : No, it won’t. It’s always like that if the rain is like this
Rere : oh! It is possible… we just have to set a bigger accumulation rate…
Ernest : if I were you, I’ll optimize your umbrella to let the water flows into Nessa’s room ….

That’s just a little part of my unforgettable december. Freak, huh? Well, that’s us. Lol 😀 We just can’t stop it or resist it! 😛 Get used to my updates, it’s going to be crazier 😛

O.o enough for today… hibernating….



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  1. helena December 8, 2010 at 8:57 am #

    edan culun pisan hahahahahahaahhahaha

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