Say it

27 Nov

Say what you need to say…
Say what you need to say…
Say what you need to say…

John Mayer’s song is playing on my play list as I’m joking around with a few friends on MSN and skype. Actually, I should be in a sleep-mode since 4 hours ago. Testing my new internet (which is worse than the previous one) is my ultimate alibi. But then, having a few friends discussed with me about random things, leave me here with no other choice! (not-so-strong alibi).

5 days ago, a friend of mine told me about his lovey-dovey confusion affair with a younger girl (and the consultation session lasts every time we meet, and until now -.-‘ ). He asked me for my opinion and advice, based on his history. To make it short, he kinda ‘found’ a cute junior (who is also my junior) and has been flirting with her for several months. They went out for several times and she seemed to be happy when my friend’s around. The problem is, the girl sends him mixed signals. One time, she’s rejecting phone calls and plays hard to get, but at the other times, she’s trying to find out my friend’s feeling to her. Having a complicated past love history, made my silly friend said, “I like you, but as a friend”, when she asked what she means to him (I laughed constantly,oops!).

Well, with his male ego instinct, he declared that he’s fine and he’s actually not looking for anything further than that. I can easily tell that he’s lying! why? He stills talking about her, her facebook, her habits, her very updates for 5 days, and it’s happening now!
I asked him,”if you could turn back the time, and never said that she’s just a friend to you, what do you want really?”. He said that he wants more, as to be in a relationship.

Well, that’s it, man! Say it! It’s not like you’re losing all of your greatest reputation just to confess your true feeling. If she’s playing hard to get and so are you, it doesn’t solve anything. Rather than wasting your time and energy to get suffocated in your own game, you’d better take a bullet and give a shot. There’s only 2 possibilities, you’re going to die with a partner or alone. Whatever it is, you’re still going to die (okay, I’m exaggerating it, lol).

Does it have to be a guy who always make a first move?
Why does it has to be a guy?

Well, that’s the art of love, dude! Don’t you all guys love the adrenaline rush? (I’m just kidding, hehe)
In a world of women power supremacy, I guess women also need to take a role.
I don’t really care actually. Guys… Girls… look, we are not Tom and Jerry, unless you consider yourself equal to big cat and tiny mouse, stop acting like ones.
(nowadays, even cats and dogs are not playing the chase-me game anymore! Irrelevant?? okay, sorry, lets get back to the topic :D)

What I meant to say is, I know that it takes all your courage to throw your reputation to do that. But keep doing the same way as she did, will not make any better. Someone has to make a first move and take a risk.
It is true that some things are better left unsaid, but there are things that are too precious to keep it in silence.
The greatest mistakes we make, are the risks we don’t take. If you think something will make you happy, go for it so that you won’t live your life asking, “What if?” and telling yourself, “If only.”

Remember that it’s not about pride, it’s not about being impulsive… It’s just being true to yourself. Nothing is secure in this life, if you’re fussing to keep yourself in a secure position. Don’t worry too much… You’re created with brain and inner voice, that makes you different from animals. You fall in love and you fall out of love; you give and you lost; that is just how life goes. Accept it, feel it, admit it.

I believe that risk has to be minimized (one of Chem Eng’s rules of thumbs :P), but it can’t be avoided. Even a caterpillar needs to come out from its secure sanctuary to become a free beautiful butterfly 🙂

Well, in 7 hours I will have to torture my brain with Chemical Process Design, so I’d better leave this now.
I should really consider everyone’s advice to set a fee-charge for every 30 minutes consultation session :/

Taking off from Beta-state……

“Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.”


You know that I want you say it
You know that I need you say it
You know that I love you say it


One Response to “Say it”

  1. meitha November 27, 2010 at 9:53 am #

    Hahahaha…what a morning treat, Ness..!
    Well, i think i have enough in saying…so now i need someone to say it!
    You know, how much we can be true to ourself is the base measurement on how selfishly we would be to ourselves.
    How beautiful life can be if we could selfishly enough to ourselves, right..?
    hohohoho…its all about ourselves and how we fight for what we wanna have.

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