Anti-social state, letting go of Harry Potter (part 1)

25 Nov

I’m writing this post with so much guilty feeling in my deepest heart.
I could have read some of ‘heat-transfer’ or ‘kinetics and catalysis’, but my fingertips are dancing on the keyboard instead. πŸ˜›

Oh well, I’m actually waiting for a friend to send me the paper that has to be submitted tomorrow morning. He’s editing it and I’m being productive with my time. lol. Geez, okay, I admit, my brain is just overload today, it’s not sufficient to load any more bytes.

It’s nearly to the end of November, which means Plant Design deadline is coming, which means December is coming, which means final exams are coming, which means Christmas is coming, which means no holidays besides comprehensive examination preparation-days, which means comprehensive exam is closer, which means……………….I’m counting down to my last day in Chemical Engineering!!!!

Lets push the ‘previous’ button and ‘pause’. Yep, here I am. Present.
Tomorrow, my friends are going to watch Harry Potter, they asked me to join them. Under so many considerations and with all my guilty feeling for not betraying my duty…I decided to let Harry Potter go 😦

I am SERIOUSLY HELPLESSLY eagerly want to watch Harry Potter………. but………………. 😦 I’m in anti-social state now….. (So long farewell Harry Potter)

Nov 25th :
8am-2pm (Heat-transfer Class) — HW
9am-11pm (Chemical Engineering Profession Class)
Work on Plant Design Economic Evaluation
Study ‘Kinetics and Catalysis’

Nov 26th :
Meet my vice dean
Buy an internet modem and go to the internet provider
1pm – (Drop) Comprehensive prep study group
Study ‘Chemical Process Design’

Nov 27th :
9am-(Drop) Comprehensive prep study group
Work on Plant Design Economic Evaluation
Study ‘Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics’

Nov 28th :
Work on Plant Design Economic Evaluation, Revision
Study ‘Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics’
Prepare to meet my plant design supervisor.

Okay, that’s it for this week…
Not as deadly as it looks.. just make me nuts… a bit.
Lacking of self-confidence, eating less and less, worrying more and more, more tensed and alert
Oh well, brain-jammed. Please forgive my ramblings. A side effect of ‘low temperature drying’ quiz.
I just received the edited paper, now I’m gonna print it, and get in sync with brainwave meditation…

Going to the theta state…………………. (still dreaming to watch Harry Potter) o.O


p.s: to be continued to the next story of me in anti-social state


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