I miss you!

2 Oct

“There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real”

I’m wondering if the word “miss” has a special definition to explain what I’m going to write here. Later on, the closest definition that I could get from a dictionary is :
miss (verb)
– feel or suffer from the lack of;
– feel sad about the loss or absence of
– feel or have a desire for; want strongly

Oh right, those are definitely not describing the feeling. What I want to write is about a feeling called ‘missed/missing/sort-of-that-miss’ when a distance is the main problem. Why? Because distance is the main issue that I have now when talking about relationships. Furthermore, most of my friends are also having a distance-issue. Noted, when I say relationships, it means parents, family, best friends, teachers, significant others, dogs/cats, well, it could be anything that relate us to a thing/a person/ even memories.

(In this post, I’m not talking about loss/death and break-up.)

Geez, I find it hard to write here, … um, it’s complex. hahaha (I spent 23 minutes to find that word).

The kind of feeling when you can’t calm down or unable to think clearly, and the image of a certain person is dancing in your mind.
The kind of anxiety when you’re questioning what is she/he doing, how is he/she feeling, whether that person is alright, but those questions are just remain unanswered.
The kind of coldness when you feel that the person is close to you, but obviously, you are here and the person is there, separated.
The kind of urge when you want to hold and feel his/her warmth, but all you can do is just dreaming.
The kind of thing when you are supposed to smile, but you eventually shed your tears.

I don’t know, I can’t explain it well. It’s just complicated. Sometimes, when we miss a person, whether it’s your significant other, your best friend, your parents, or even your dogs/cats, we feel something torturing us but we can’t do anything to stop it.

Usually, we missed something or someone that attached to us, that shares a special emotion with us. We know that technically they are still with us, think about us, care about us, love us, yet somehow, it looks like just a camouflage and unreal. We can’t touch, can’t feel, can’t hold.

Missing someone/something could possibly exposures you to a loneliness and paranoia, when you drowned yourself into that feeling. It is always better to keep your head on the surface. Do not let your emotion carried away your common-sense. And you might ask, “then what should I do when I missed someone so bad?”

These are some things that I usually do :

1. Let them know
Call or text or send a message. Telling the truth can reduce 50% of your anxiety and heart-burdened. Don’t bother for their answer whether they are missing you too or not. If they say they missed you too, it will reduce another 30%. But if they don’t say anything (or literally they don’t), it means you can cross few names of your miss-list 😛

2. Find an activity
Keep yourself busy. Trust me, the feeling will get worse when you become that vulnerable when you’re doing nothing. When I’m writing this article, I feel somewhat better 😀

3. Positive thinking
I don’t understand the power of this attitude, but it really helps! Be thankful that although distance lies ahead, they are still in your life. Be glad you can feel this feeling (though it sucks), because if you can’t, you must be have a sort of mental disorder.

Missing a person / a thing proves that you are still human. It must be felt. It’s what makes us…US. Between agony and emotional circumstances and love, here we are. We are human, and we are alive. 🙂

Have you ever feel so desperately want to hug a person?
Have you ever feel like you’re dying to keep on dreaming, because reality is way too harsh?
Don’t worry, be thankful you still have someone to miss 🙂

To close this confusing post, I’ll attach my favourite lullaby song. This lullaby reminds me of someone who lives far away. Every time I listen to this song before I sleep, I feel that he’s close with me. I don’t know how is he doing now, how does he cope with his rough times, I can’t do anything practically, but I believe that he’s gonna be alright.

Dear Mr.Lawyer,
Sleep well and when you wake up tomorrow, everything is gonna be better. You’ll be just fine. 🙂 I miss you!



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