Stand for what is good or right?

10 Aug

“Stand for what is right, even if you stand alone”

When I was in high school, my home-room teacher used to argue with me about ‘right’ and ‘good’. We were never be on the same team, while he stands for what is good, and I stand for what is right. He said that “what is good always right, and what is right not always good.” Then I said, “good is relative, but right is definite.”
My question is : what is the criteria for something to be categorized as good ?

All this time, people translate the ‘good’ by their own definition.
No offense, how many of us define something good, as long as it benefits us? Lots. Zillions. All of us.
How do you know that if you say it is good, it’s good for others? nope, you’ll never know.

We, humans, are created with a special feature called ego (a.k.a selfishness), with different level of ego. I also constructed with an ego monster inside of me. I came to a point, where I realize that I don’t know anything about which one is good or not. nothing at all. Because I’m not a god.

Then what is the border of my attitudes, thoughts, life?
Honestly, I’m still learning. But during my past life, I did what is right.

How do I know that what is right, is right?
I don’t know. Lets say, I make my own rules of life. I follow the authorized rules, which doesn’t trespass my value and principles. For example, Christianity rules. I put my faith in Jesus Christ, but I don’t put my faith in a certain religion. Because the rule of holding a specific religion is created by a human, and Jesus never state which religion to believe, except Him (according to the Holy Bible. I respect if you disagree on this, I just put an example).

I’m amazingly inspired by this person, Rachel Corrie. She’s an American born who was killed when defensing a Palestinian house. She was crushed to death in the Gaza Strip by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) bulldozer. She’s only 23 at that time. She stood alone in front of the bulldozer which tried to demolished the house. she’s not even a Palestinian, what was she thinking? I believe that all she did was defensing human rights to live, no matter who is wrong, Palestine or Israel. Because she believed that every human deserves to live, she came to the Middle East to see how much people suffered there. She stood alone in front of injustice and to do what is right, even though it cost her life.

Here is the video of her inspirational speech which was taken when she was in 5th Grade :

People say that I’m a free-thinker, I’m a rebel, I’m an individualist. I am the one who is responsible to my life, and when my time on earth come to an end, I’ll go alone. Why do I need to confuse of what people think about me? The fact is they DO NOT KNOW who I am, and they DO NOT NEED to know. I’m just a flesh and blood, and I only live once, so I don’t want to live my life as what people think of me.

I’m not saying which one is right or wrong or good or bad. There’s so much to learn in life therefore I’m still learning. Don’t live pretending that you know what is good for others. We are not designed with same specs. All the best you can do is try hard not to make a mess and messing with others’ life. We are human, imperfect, we do sins. But remember, we are also created with an instinct. A basic instinct to know what we have to do, to think, to adapt. That makes us different from animal. Combine your heart and head, and do what you believe in.

Learn from life, reflect its lessons to yourself, and stick to your own recipe of life. 🙂


– to Mr. Jack, if you read this, sorry, your critical-rebellious-awesome ex-student, still sticking on her philosophy of life 😛
– to everyone, feel free to speak up, but the rule is still the same, DO NOT JUDGE. 🙂


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