the 100 random ugly truth of me

16 Jun

1. Get this post from a friend, and have to fill in
2. Post it here because I feel like writing but I don’t have anything to write 😛
3. Enjoy the 100 ugly truth

1. What do you want to be when you grow up? older-tougher-successful-happier-wiser-more mature me

2. Do you plan to go to college? i am in uni

3. Do you prefer taco bell or taco bueno? what’s the difference?

4. McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King

5. Coke or pepsi? Pepsi

6. Country or Rap? Country

7. Does miley cyrus suck? sort of

8. When was your first boyfriend? grade 6? lol

9. Who is(are) your bestfriend(s)? rinda, lisa, lita, yoke, lanny, jessi, indra, xumee, ausi

10. What is your favorite color to paint your nails? i don’t paint my nails

11. Do you get along with your parents? most of the time yes

12. What is your least favorite subject in school? geography

13. Would you rather save your bestfriends life, or your own? hm…

14. Do you believe in soul mates? yes

15. What do you like to do to be creative? thinking, daydreaming, observing

16. Do you still like Kayne West after what he did to Taylor Swift? i don’t like kanye before and after taylor swift’s incident

17. What is your favorite show? tv show? comedy

18. Do you believe in ghosts? yes

19. What is your favorite movie? too many to be listed

20. What is your favorite candy? anything with mint flavor

21. Would you change the color of the sky if you could? yes, green please

22. What is the closest business to your home? hmm, chem i guess

23. Should smoking cigarettes be illegal? YES

24. Does it bother you when you are in public and someone near you cusses? yeah, wth

25. Do you own any records (LPs)? no, not yet 😛

26. Do you like sardines? modified one, yes

27. Would you chose the sex of your child if you could? yes

28. Would you give up your citizenship? yes

29. If so, why? try to live in here, you’d do the same as me 😀

30. Does your mind race when you go to bed? most of the time

31. Something you gave away : chances

32. Something you like to eat : sushi, tiramisu, cheesecake, pasta, kiwi

33. Something about you that would surprise the people you went to high school with : im not perfect 🙂

34. Something about you that people always get wrong : 1st impression (quiet, grumpy) haha

35. Something you wish you had known when you were 16 : uni life isn’t cool at all

36. Something you have always believed in : truth

37. Something really dumb that you like anyway : singing in the bathroom 😛

38. Something you wish everyone knew : life is complicated, and they make it even more complicated

39. Something you want to learn : aikido

40. Something you want to do : go to the beach

41. Something you would save if your house was on fire (besides people and pets) : birth certificate,
passport, academic certificates, assets certificates

42. Something you want people to say at your funeral : have fun in heaven!

43. Something you love to listen to : rain

44. Something you bought last week : earphone

45. Something you always want to keep : happy memories

46. Something you want to change : stupid mistakes years ago

47. Something you really like to have : an opportunity to out frm here and settle in EU

48. Something you dislikes but you have to do it: wake up in the morning 😛

49. Something that makes you cry : something that makes me angry

50. Something that buzz you in the morning : to-do-list in my mobile phone

ANOTHER RANDOM (Answer it honestly) :
51. Who do you have a secret crush on? it called ‘secret crush’ so it’s a secret, lol

52. What is the color of your fav shirt?? green

53. If you could be someone other than you, Who would you be? oprah winfrey

54. Have you ever had a crush on your cousin?? nope

55. What is your dream car? porsche

56. Who is the last person you chatted on fb with? evan

57. How much time do spend on the com…?? hmm, lost of track

58. What is your fav food? pasta, sushi

59. Do your dreams haunt you?? sometimes

60. If you could go on a date right now, where would you go? beach

61. Who would you take on that date? don’t have any idea

62. What is your best all time memory? grade 4 – 9

63. Is your hair color natural? yes

64. Have you had stitches and where? no

65. Do you believe in John 3:16? yes

66. Were hit on by someone much older than you : confused and speechless

67. A man with a knife came up and told you to give him your money : negotiate? 😛

68. Were being car jacked : jack the hijacker’s car

69. Your best friend killed a guy : i won’t ask how :s

70. You hit someone with your car : call an ambulance

71. You were forced to leave your home : ask,”where should I go?”

72. A homeless man asked you for some food : give the food

73. A cop was beating you with a nightstick for no reason : beat him back and yelled and slap him and report him, hell

74. Your mother said she never wanted to see you again : >.<

75. You had to leave the state or else face false imprisonment : have a plastic surgery and runaway

76. Were forced to either spend 14 days in jail, or 1 hour in Iraq : 1 hour in iraq, unforgettable experience 😛

77. Had to choose between living in Seattle or Florida : Florida

78. You could only wear the color pink : may i do mix and match?

79. You could only wear formal attire : duh

80. Had to choose between being thrown into the future or the past : future

81. Could only talk to 4 people ever again, and who would they be : oh no

82. You had to live in alaska : may i have the heater and lots of blankets?

83. You didnt have any friends : try to make friends

84. Had to deal with a croud of angry drunks : get drunk with them

85. Were asked to dance by a very ugly guy : dance as a matter of politeness

LOVE SURVEY (once again, be honest!)
86. Are you currently in love? no

87. Do you believe in love at first sight? no

88. What do you consider cheating? no

89. True or False? You would forgive and take someone back if they did any of the above to you. :false

90. Have you ever been cheated on? yes

91. What confuses you the most about the opposite sex? their mind

92. What annoys you the most about the opposite sex? their dirty mind

93. What are the 3 key things you look for in a partner? smart, maturity, responsibility

94. Do you regret any of your past relationships? no

95. Have you ever had anyone try to take you away from your boy/girlfriend? yes, quite tempted 😛

96. Someone from the opposite sex approaches you while your in a relationship, what do you do? tell him that im in a rltnship

97. Older or younger? who’s the more mature

98. Shorter or Taller? taller

99. Looks or personality? personality

100. What is your favorite saying/quote about love? love is a commitment not just a feeling, it doesn’t come and go but it does come and stay.


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