Journal of the recent days (1)

4 May

Wow, I haven’t posted anything yet here since April 20th. Lots of things happened, both good and bad.

I don’t know what to write here.


What about if I just tell you what has been going on since the last time I wrote until now?

Here we go :

1. The most recent news that makes me extremely happy :
– I had my furfural detected!!! I was so madly happy, hahaha 😀 because that means I won’t have my research postponed 😛 (Furfural is a derivative toxic from glucose, my research is focusing about detox-ing that furfural).
Status : In progress (hopefully approved by the 2nd week of May)

– My dad agreed to let me continue my master degree in Belgium 😀 All I have to do now is trying to get accepted there.
Status : In progress (with super extra efforts needed)

Schindler’s list song. Finally my violin teacher teach me this song. It’s bloody difficult. I’ve been practicing 3rd and 5th position, vibrato, romance-style of playing, etc.
Status : in progress. Still stuck in bar 35.

2. The most recent things I got :
Paulo Coelho’s novel, Brida.
Status : done. Inspiring. Satisfactory Level 8. I recommend you this book.

New passport. I had the longest and complicated photo and interview session. Semakin menyadari kalau ternyata birokrasi yang berbelit-belit dan korupsi tidak akan pernah hilang dari muka bumi Indonesia.
Status : done (got mine on May 29th).

An American friend (and student), Matt Munson.
Status : in progress. Still trying to be a good teacher in teaching Bahasa Indonesia. 😀 happy because his progress is actually great.

Modified disease and blood test. I don’t know what is this, probably Dengue fever or Typhus. Whatever it is, it makes me so sick.
Status : in progress ( to kick it out frm my body system)

3. The most upcoming stuffs, I HATE TO DO, but I HAVE TO DO :

Final exams. Will be held in 12 days from now.

Research Oral Presentation. Will be held around June 7th. I have to get A on this!!

Giving presentation in Chem Engineering National Conference in Surabaya. Will be held on July 15th.

IELTS examination. I’m planning to take it on August.

– Final project due to graduation, Industrial Design. Will be held in the next semester. hiks 😦

GMAT test. I’m planning to take it on November.

I guess that’s all. Those are the most recent things happened in my life. Honestly, I have no idea to write, those are the best I could write. Sounds like a report? Well, better than nothing. 😛



One Response to “Journal of the recent days (1)”

  1. xmi May 7, 2010 at 10:51 am #

    wawww… BELGIUM?!?! WAY TO GO!!!!!

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