Haven’t Met You Yet

13 Mar

But somehow I know that it’ll all turn out.
And you’ll make me work so we can work to work it out.
And I promise you, kid, I’ll give so much more than I get.
I just haven’t met you yet

I’ve been in love with this song ever since I heard the tunes. Despite of its lovely tunes, I also madly in love with the singer (Michael Buble :P) . How many of us have been searching everywhere for a soul mate? How many times we’ve been heart broken by someone? How many failed relationships we had?

I guess it’s everyone’s dreams to just bump into a decent guy/girl, know that he/she is the one, say the magic words, and live happily ever after til death do us apart. You wish (yea, I wish too!). It did happened in Cinderella’s love story. The fact is it takes days, months, years, decades til we finally say “Yup. He/she is the right one.” or even if you’re now with someone you love (or you think you love), you still wondering whether he/she is the right one.

a best friend of mine (girl) once asked me,”When will I meet my prince? Why am I still an extra virgin olive oil (single)? Oh ness, you’re so lucky you’ve been in some good relationships.”

another friend (guy) who’s just had his heart broken by his almost-5-years-crush said,”Why do I have to feel this pain? Why can I see the bright side? Why does love hurt me a lot? She’s so perfect, no one can replace her. You’re at least ever been with the one you loved for 4,5 years!”

another friend (girl) who also had her boyfriend dumped her, wrote me a unanswerable question in a piece of paper,”Ness, how could you be so strong when you were in my position? How did you deal with all the sadness?”

Whoa! First, been in some good relationships doesn’t called lucky, I called it a priceless journey. Second, “At least ever been with the one you loved” is also not a best statement. If only he knows how horribly I was hurt, instead wasted my 4,5 years of my life, I’d prefer to just admire someone. But, I won’t turn back the time (and I can’t), the fact is I’m grateful I had been hurt that much. And to answer the last question, um, I’m not strong. The process of being strong make me as tough as now. I was destroyed, torn into pieces, thought that my world was fallen and I’d never found anyone like him. But there was a time when my mind said to me, “Stop being a loser. He’s having fun with another girl and you’re mourning here all day?? How pathetic you are!??”. I did stop and I’m still alive.

Either you’re in a special condition (broken heart) or still an extra virgin olive oil (single), trust me, you have to stop thinking that you’re gonna spend the rest of your days only with your dog/cat. Sometimes we might have to meet the wrong one before finally we bumped with the right one. How could you know which one is right if you never know which one is wrong? Time let us to be with the wrong one (or even the awful one) so that whenever the perfect one come into our life, we would appreciate him/her with all of ours. No need to be that desperate looking for a partner in life. I also thought before, that I need to find the right one ASAP, I need someone to be my boyfriend, I need a person to love me, someone who will heal my trauma. I realize that I was wrong.

If you love someone because you need him/her, it’s totally not love. You love someone because you JUST LOVE him/her.

The urgency of finding the right one drove me into taking the wrong steps in the wrong time. I’ve been in several “it’s complicated” situation with some perfect guys, but then I do realize, that I’m not ready. Why would I be so in a hurry? Take it slow, Let it flow. I might have to wait. But if it’s all I have to take to get the right one, I’ll do it. (I feel now that I really enjoying my “me” time :P) .So, don’t worry.

The least you expect something, the more you’re gonna get it. The more you wait for something, the more you appreciate when you finally get it.

Wherever you are.
Whenever it’s right.
You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.

You just haven’t met him/her yet.
I just haven’t met you yet. 🙂


This is the link of the video “Haven’t met you yet” :


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